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pe 26. tammik.



TwerkFest 26.1.-28.1.2024

Welcome to join our incredible 3 -day dance fest! Two international teachers, current Finnish Twerk Champion and Tinze will teach you the hottest moves. Check the prices and discount codes below

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TwerkFest 26.1.-28.1.2024
TwerkFest 26.1.-28.1.2024

Paikka & aika

26. tammik. 2024 klo 17.00 – 28. tammik. 2024 klo 18.30

WONDER CLUB, 4 krs, Hermannin rantatie 5, 00580 Helsinki, Suomi


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🎉 Join us for the ultimate three-day Twerk Fest in Finland! 🎉

Get ready to shake, pop, and drop it like it's hot as we bring not one, but TWO international teachers and the current Twerk Champion to our studio. This is an event you definitely don't want to miss!

The energy will be through the roof as we dive into a weekend full of amazing classes and unforgettable experiences.

Our teachers are masters of their craft, bringing their unique styles and expertise to help you take your twerking skills to the next level. They'll guide you through a variety of classes, teaching you new moves, tricks, and techniques that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to conquer the dance floor.  Get ready to be inspired and motivated by their incredible talent and dedication.

Friday 26.1.

klo 17-18.30 Twerk Freestyle Monse

Klo 19-20.30 Twerk Choreography Roxanne

Saturday 27.1.

Klo 16.30-18.00 Sensual Twerk Roxanne

Sunday 28.1.

Klo 14-15.30 Twerk with Debii

Klo 17-18.30 Twerk & Heels collab Debii x Tinze


40€ / 1 workshops

75 € / 2 workshops (use code: TWERKFEST2)

105€ / 3 workshops (use code: TWERKFEST3)

130€ / 4 workshops (use code: TWERKFEST4)

150€ /  all workshops (use code: TWERKFEST5)

No refunds


  • Twerk Freestyle Monse

    Klo 17-18.30 Wonder Club, 4 kts

    40,00 €
    Myynti on päättynyt
  • Twerk Choreo Roxyyy

    Klo 19-20.30 Wonder Club, 4 krs

    40,00 €
    Myynti on päättynyt
  • Sensual Twerk Roxyyy

    Klo 16.30-18.00 Wonder Club, 4 krs

    40,00 €
    Myynti on päättynyt
  • Twerk with Debii

    Klo 14-15.30 Wonder Club, 4 krs

    40,00 €
    Myynti on päättynyt
  • Twerk & Heels Debii & Tinze

    Collab class Klo 17-18.30 Wonder Club, 4 krs

    40,00 €
    Myynti on päättynyt


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