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Late Night With Kimberly workshops

No idea how to spend your Friday night?? This is for you! Late Nights w / Kimberly are offering spicy, sensual workshops. Late Night With Kimberly is coming to Helsinki and Tampere!

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Late Night With Kimberly workshops
Late Night With Kimberly workshops

Paikka & aika

27. tammik. 2023 klo 19.30 – 28. huhtik. 2023 klo 20.30

Helsinki, Hermannin rantatie 5, 00580 Helsinki, Suomi


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No idea how to spend your Friday night?? This is for you! Late Nights With Kimberly are offering spicy, sensual heels workshops. Connect with your feminine side and dance in a safe space. Each workshop will be 90 minutes and take place on one Friday of each month from January - April hosted in both Helsinki and Tampere!

These classes are for professional dancers, to dancers looking to train more. Late Night is open level. This  workshop requires closed toe shoes with no thick heels. Kneepads are recommended.

PE 27.1.23 HELSINKI 19:30-21:00

PE 24.2.23 TAMPERE 19:00-20:30

PE 31.3.23 HELSINKI 19:00-20:30

PE 28.4.23 TAMPERE 19:00-20:30


Helsinki: Wonder Club / Tinze Twerk Studio: 

Kauppakeskus Redi, Floor 4

Tampere: Tinze Twerk Studio:

Otavalankatu 4 Tampere


1 x workshop 25€

2 x workshop 40€


Kimberly Idigpio is a professional dance artist working in the industry as a dancer, educator, choreographer, and model with 10 years of experience in educating dancers and over 20 years of dance experience.  Kimberly teaches technique for all level dancers, lyrical, contemporary jazz, commercial, heels, exotic and sensual dance.

She is originally from Sacramento, California. She grew up in the competition industry competing in Performing Arts, and Hiphop from a young age until her young adult years. Making the decision to leave she followed her family roots and moved to Finland in 2013 to study, and graduated with her Bachelors degree in dance pedagogy in 2016.

Now in her career Kimberly has worked as an artist in numerous productions such as Scandinavian Dancers, Uniq Entertainment, Lumiere Production, Jokerit Dance Team, and TV Performances in Tähdet Tähdet. She has danced, been a model and performed in TV for brand commercials, and ads for different agencies in Finland.

Kimberly is most known for her numerous amount of successful choreography in competition pieces for dance schools and teams around Finland. Currently she focuses on teaching heels, and performance while also coaching her competition teams.

Class Description:

Kimberly’s classes are upbeat, fun and will push you to be your best version. Sensual choreography will build your confidence and challenge your vulnerability as a dancer. You will learn musicality, technique and performance. The class is open for all levels beginners to advanced. Bring kneepads and an open mind to explore!


  • Helsinki Workshop 31.3.

    Class is at Wonder Club, Kauppakeskus Redi 4 floor Friday March 31st at 19-20.30. This workshop is Sensual Heels. Bring you knee pads.

    25,00 €
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